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Friday, 28 December 2012

Tomato & Garlic Bread

Hi everybody we are nearly in the end of our Bake-a-thon event, I can't believe that this is nearly going to end now, It was fun baking, I had planned so many things to bake but just with lots of things going on and also Christmas time & the dear flu which attacked me twice had changed things in my planned schedule, but anyway I did really enjoy the whole of the month, and me never in all the years of blogging so promptly posted all through the month, I should really thank Champa, Srivalli, Priya, Preethi, Sumana and Veena who all believed in me going to post every alternate for this whole month. Hope fully this will stay on and I will be able to participate in all the events which I have enrolled myself, which makes me blog, but still I am unhappy person, I have not been able to visit my friends from past week, hopefully I will have my own 'me' time so I can sit and enjoy all the blog posts from our dear bloggers. coming to this post....
I had bought this flour when I went to London last time, This is from the Wessex mill, the minute I saw the name I just loved it. I had baked a loaf of bread with a secret Ingredient using this flour, which I was planning to post actually couldn't find the photos, so I made these again as rolls but left out the secret Ingredient but used something else to make these soft rolls which my kids really enjoyed.. don't you want to know how I made it....
This flour has already got sun dried Tomatoes and Garlic in it, I did not have to add anything, but If you want to make it in an ordinary flour, you can chop some sundried tomatoes say around 1/4 cup drain out the oil if it is in oil and chop it finely or run it in a blender to a coarse consistency with  fresh garlic in the bread, or you can crush some garlic using pestle and mortar or garlic chopper, so go on read how I made this lovely bread...
Two things I added in this recipe was using fresh Yeast and Yogurt to make these rolls...


425 gms Tomato and Garlic Bread flour (and some flour for dusting and for kneading - 25 grms)
15 gms Fresh yeast or 7 grms fast action yeast
300 ml water ( + another 2tbsp )**
2 tbsp of Yogurt
1 tbsp sugar
2 to 3 tbsp of Olive oil
1 tsp salt

In a large bowl with a quarter cup of tepid ( warm ) water dissolve the fresh yeast with a tsp of sugar, leave it for few minutes you can see the yeast bubbling up.  This helps us to know our yeast is still active.
Now to this yeast mixture add the other Ingredients except water, and mix well together until every is very well incorporated.
Now start adding water until you form a lovely soft dough.  Flour the surface of the cooking top and start kneading the dough for 10 minutes you can even checkout with a window pane test, that the kneading is enough.  After this knead oil the bowl and the dough, keep this back in the bowl cover it with a cling film and leave it to prove ( rise ).
After an hour or so, preheat the oven to 220 degree Fahrenheit /  Gas mark 7 before 1/2 an hour, keep a bowl with some hot water under the last rack.
Knock back the risen dough, and shape into either Loaf or Rolls and now leave it to prove again in that position. I made 9 Rolls.
Once they are back in shape brush the top with milk / give a egg wash , Bake in the middle rack of the oven for 20 minutes depending upon your oven temperature until the rolls are golden in colour.
Remove and allow it to cool on a cooling rack, after 5 minutes turn the rolls and leave the rolls directly on the cooling rack removing them from the tin / baking sheet, this helps in the rolls / loaves not becoming soggy at the bottom.
Enjoy these rolls with cheese and chutney or make a sandwich with a burger and enjoy with some herbs / cucumber / Tomatoes etc..,  tastes divine ..

NOTES: I always bake my breads / rolls on Gas mark 5 or 6  as my oven gets too hot and I baked it for 20  to 25 minutes.
My water level might be high comparably I do have more hydration in my dough, but knead it so well until it is soft and smooth, I dip my hands so whatever is stuck to my palm is all the flour I use for kneading.
Sorry for not posting a step-wise photo..
VARIATION: you can even add some herbs / spices etc..,
Hope you enjoy this...
Check out all my baking buddies for the lovely bakes you would enjoy....

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At 30 December, 2012 19:44 , Blogger Priya said...

Omg, wish i get this bread flour here, beautiful and definitely flavourful bread.


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