Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Chutney Pudi - Bangalore style

Absolutely yummilacious!!, You will never want to try one more recipe, divine taste, and gorgeous.., I could say a lot more to this chutney powder.  If you are from Bangalore, Karnataka, everybody would know of Subbamman Angadi in Gandhi Bazar and definitely would have bought this kind of chutney powder.  I can promise you this recipe beats that recipe. This is second version with this kind of chutney powder. The first one is here.  You would love that too..., But this one is outstanding.
Last time when I went home, I stayed in my sis home, her MIL who is also related to us in many ways!!, makes this chutney powder my kids had fallen in love with this.  She is a very good cook, and she thinks I am the good one, bless her, she asks me what do you do with this, with that vegetable and things like that :). Basically she is a fantastic lady, very helpful, very understanding and I could write a lot more about her. She has a special place in whole of the family and everybody loves her to bits.
This post and this recipe is dedicated to her, she has a very special place in my Heart - I love you so much Leela aunty. The last time I was making this, I was chatting with Lata and told her I got tired of grating nearly a kg of Copra and my hands were paining, she asked me why are you grating so much, I said I miscalculated and I have ended up in making this Chutney pudi in Kgs!!. She thought I have gone completely bonkers.  Well, any way I made around 1 and 1/2  to 2kg of Chutney pudi I think, I did not measure, and it lasted more than 4 months.., I have to make it again, kids are demanding.., I got all the things only thing is I have to make it again (dreading to grate Copra though!!).
Here is the recipe details, hope you like it and enjoy it as we all do....

Recipe source : Leela Aunty

175 gms Channa dal (3/4 Pav)
115 gms Urad dal (1/2 + 2 tbsp Pav)
375 gms Copra/Dry Coconut
50 gms Guntur
50 gms Byadgi
12 gms Mustard seeds
40 gms Tamarind
1/2 cup / around 120 gms - Acchu Bella (Square Jaggery)
5 to 6 twigs of Curry leaves (around 1/4 cup)
2 gms of Hing/Asafoetida
1 and 1/2 tbsp Salt ( adjust accordingly)
Oil as required

2 to 3 tbsp of Oil
1 tsp Mustard seeds

In a pan with a tsp of oil, fry each one of the Ingredients separately and in a low flame.
When you are frying dals & mustard seeds, add Dry red chilies with them and fry this way, Frying only chilies will  give that spicy aroma, which is quite harsh, and makes your throat tickle and you might start coughing.
Frying chilies in portions with other ingredients makes it more subtle and easy to handle the Ghaatu (or harshness).
First of all add a 1/2 tsp of oil fry Channa dal to golden colour.
Next Urad dal with a 1/2 tsp of oil to golden colour.
Then fry Tamarind until they become too soft, when they cool down they harden up.
Then fry mustard seeds they too change colour to a darker colour and starts spluttering.
Then fry curry leaves
Then grate Jaggery and keep aside.
Grate Copra/Dry coconut and fry them without oil into a golden colour and keep aside.
Allow all the ingredients to cool down completely, this way your mixie will not get spoiled.

Now Mix them all together with Hing , and grind them in batches as it is a large quantity to a very coarse powder, then in the end with the last two batches Grind the ingredients first then with one batch add grated jaggery and give a little pulse just to ensure it is mixed, don't run it too much. Next  batch of the powder ingredients grind Copra with a pulse, that is quick movements, to the first setting for a minute, come back and run the mixie again for a minute this way it will not become too soft and too oily.
Take all the Grinded ingredients into a large bowl now add required quantity of salt, mix them well together with you hand so that every thing is well incorporated.
Taste and adjust Salt and give a thorough mix.
Heat a pan , heat oil then add mustard seeds when they splutter switch it off.  Give it few minutes so it cools down add this seasoning to the Chutney powder, Mix well again.
It is now ready to be served.
This Chutney powder is Semma tasty ( very tasty), goes very well with Idlis, Dosas, Chapatis, my fav is with Rottis (Akki or Ragi rotti).
You can even enjoy like my friend U who sits on my breakfast bar with my pickle and chutney powder in front of her puts little on her palm, and starts licking it up!!, she is regular customer for this powder especially!!

In Bangalore, you get powdered Tamarind, you can substitute that instead of Tamarind which is very easy process.

This Chutney powder is the second entry for my Blogging Marathon started by Srivalli, check out all my other friends who are running this marathon with me.., Hope my friends and you all enjoy this as much as we do...
adieu.., c u soon with an other recipe....

Take an other look at my Chutney powder and I will sign off...

An update for this post:
As everybody is asking me what are those two different chilies I have and always have used in many of my recipes, I would like to elaborate about them a bit..

BYADGI CHILIES: It is very popular chili from Karnataka, It is grown in Byadgi town, in Haveri district of Karnataka. These chilies are crooked in shape and long, they give a deep colour to the dishes and mild in flavour.  These chilies have are not too spicy and gives a sweetness to the dish (don't get confused they are spicy too but not as spicy as the other varities - more like kashmiri chilies you can substitute kashmiri chillies )

GUNTUR CHILIES: These chilies are grown in Guntur, Andra pradesh, they are very spicy, you can see it in the left side of the photo.

So I usually combine both it to give the rich colour to the end product!!.., If are anytime in Bangalore get these Byadgi chilies and try it in your dishes you will notice the difference.  As I don't get them here I bring it from India!. You can only use just the Byadgi chilies and you will see the difference you find with the colour and the taste of the dish!
Try it out and tell me if you liked it....

As some of you have been asking me about Jaggery, I am doing an other update you can try using any other kind - I have give few links I found googling click on them.
Jaggery / Goor / Bella . I have found that you get in powder / block and some other forms. You just have to break them down. I measured the 1/2 cup jaggery which I had mentioned and weighed it was around 120 gms.  Hope this helps

Check out the Blogging Marathon page for the other Blogging Marathoners doing BM#15


  1. I wa splanning to do this too Jayasri :).. Like you mentioned i am a big fan os the Subbana angadi one.. Amma would pick it for me & my periamma does a fab job with this too :).. Now that u say it beats subbamma angadi.. i have to try this.. sounds very similar to what my perima does too :)

    Ongoing Event : WTML

  2. Chutney looks good...would like to know what is Badgi?

  3. powder looks amazing, however I was trying to search what Badgi and Guntur are - are they varieties of dried chiles? confused :-~

  4. yum yum..great with hot rice and a big spoon of tuppa-ghee..

  5. You have patience girl! I would never get so much patience to grate 1 & 1/2 to 2 kgs of coconut. Mouthwatering podi.. love the color of the podi..

  6. Wow...wonderful podi...Wondering how you make in large quantity...Really need to have more patience to do it...

    What is guntur...Well explained pictures...Thanks for sharing...

    1. Thanks geeta, I have posted the photos of the chillies hope it helps

  7. Jayasri, the link to first chutney recipe you mentioned in your post is missing. I would love to make this recipe but first I need to know what Guntur and Badgi is?

  8. Powdered tamarind? never knew you get it like that! Nice chutney podi.

  9. Awsome chutney pudi. Love to try it but didn't know about guntur and badgi. Can you please explain?

    1. Hi Jayanthi and Gayatri, I have posted the photos of the chillies hope it helps, thanks for your lovely comments

  10. Oops, sorry that i was the culprit that you ended up grating so much copra...but I am guessing it was all worth the effort with this excellent chutney podi. Sending you warm hugs to soothe your hands:)

  11. excellent podi... perfect for my everyday dosa/idli ;-)

  12. Subbammana Angadi and all that.. didnt know u were from blr as well !! Oh not fair, Jayasri.. I love chutney pudi to bits !! and its such a lovely recipe here :) Next time you do make it in terms of kilos or more, send me a batch (I dont mind grating the copra ! ha ha ))

    lovely one.. my pati had a special formula for her. cant ask her as she is down at the hospital, however my next bet is mom :) u surely kindled memories of bangalore (again) with this spice powder..

    Sizzling Tastebuds
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  13. Omg, u have loads of patience yaar, worth to try..Yummy flavourful podi.

  14. wow delicious podi,going to try this...very tempting.

  15. Awesome chutney podi.
    Thanks for commenting on my post. Chocolate-CarrotRaisin

  16. Delicious. i was looking for this for a long time.

  17. Interesting podi...Very well explained..

  18. I studied in Gandhibazar bu never knew about that angadi since I wasn't interested in cooking those days. :)
    We too make a similar version and know how yummy this pudi tastes. Why don't you add small copra pieces instead of grating?

    1. That's a little store next to HB Samaja choutlery, I don't want to add copra pieces as they don't mingle well with the powder.

  19. Some time back I won a goody bag with stuffs from Subbamma angadi thro Vani's blog. All the items were so tasty.Chutney pudi is my fav too. Bookmarked ur recipe...

  20. Your blog has got wonderful collection of authentic recipes and we people found it very useful.

    We would like to make this powder as it seems to be very tasty.

    We are new to cooking.

    In this recipe,

    //5 to 6 twigs of Curry leaves (around 1/4 cup)//

    what is measure of 1/4 cup in ml? can u please clearify me.


  21. In this recipe,

    //5 to 6 twigs of Curry leaves (around 1/4 cup)//

    what is the measure of 1/4 cup(in ml)?

    Expecting your reply to try for it soon.

    Thanks in advance.


  22. Hi

    Mr. Srinivasan,
    My apologies for being late in responding, I had a very busy weekend with friends around, so lots and lots of cooking and cleaning :)).. well, anyway here I am.
    Thank you so much for your lovely comments, much obliged, thanks that you like my recipes, definitely do give this chutney powder a try you will not be disappointed, it is absolutely delicious, usually a twig of curry leaves have around 8 to 10 leaves, I would say you could use around 40 to 50 leaves which are not too tender, the leaves around medium sized, when I said 1/4 cup (80 ml ) the leaves, I don't measure them in ml/cup/grams, I just make it with eye measurements, too much curry leaves may tend to have the end product more curry leaf smell.
    Yesterday I thought to give you a precise amount, I took this step to check out, If you want to measure like in cups/ml/grms, just pluck the leaves and fill the cup, don't press it too much, then I just put in my measuring scale to check out in grams I found it measured 40 grms, and also my cups says 1/4 cup is 80ml. Hope this helps

  23. Jayasri madam,

    Thank you somuch for your timely help and well detailed explanation.
    You have explained in such a way that i can't make mistakes in this recipe and it is very useful for beginners like us.We feel very grateful to you.
    I think i had troubled you in your busy works by asking doubts.sorry for that.
    Actually the podi i got from india which my mother prepared is over by now,then i thought i will try once by searching the recipe on net and i finallay landed
    in your blog.I can't live without podi since my childhood and it is my alltime favourite.
    When i looked at this recipe the color,the recipe,comments,your words about the recipe inspired me to try atonce.
    one thing was there in my mind, i should get the exact taste of this and i like to give the positive feedback to you.
    Due to lack of experience,i had a doubt on curryleaves & that's why i asked you as i don't want to spoil the taste by my own judgement of measuring.Now it is very well clear for me
    and i can proceed doing this.
    I have one more doubt.Will you guide me?

    //1/2 Acchu Bella (Square Jaggery)//

    We can't get this type of jaggery here. I would like to know the gram measures for jaggery used for this recipe.Gram measures will be of great help and we hope
    we get help from you.

    I am expecting your reply very very eagerly.I am very much interested in making this recipe immediately.Everything else about this recipe is clear now.

    I will get back to you with my results immediately once i am done.

    Once again thanks a lot for your kindful help.


  24. Jayasri madam,

    Expecting your reply very eagerly to try atonce.


  25. Jayasri madam,
    Expecting your reply to make immediately and waiting for your that.
    We are very much interested in making this powder.
    Please help me.


  26. Hi Mr. Srinivasan, as I had written to you that I will not be at home, the weekend, I am back today and I have updated my blog hope it helps you.., write to me if you have any more queries, Basically Jaggery can be used in the way you like it if you like more sweetness increase it a bit or like the spiciness then reduce the quantity of Jaggery. It is totally up to you, or you can just stick to my recipe. :))

  27. Jayasri madam,

    We tried this podi yesterday,turned out perfect & it has got divine taste in it.
    It's so yummy and delicious! I can't even describe the taste of this.
    Thank you so much madam for sharing this wonderful recipe.
    We feel like making it often for sure, whenever it gets over.
    Thanks for your great help in learning me this fabulous recipe.


  28. Hi Mr.Srinivasan, thank you very much for your lovely comments, It's wonderful to know that you liked it, thanks for giving me the feed back about it.

  29. This looks so delicious. I'm a huge fan of Chunteypudi and have been making it. It's nice to get this break down. I used your recipe to collaborate with one of mine.......Quick Upit recipe #cream of wheat #oats #salty #breakfast ENJOY!

  30. Thanks for the detail post..Chutney pudi looks so yummy. I stay in US and dont find Copra here. Can you please suggest me what can I substitute for that?

  31. Hello, anonymous, you can substitute copra with dessicated coconut ( dried coconut sold in packets)

  32. jayasriyavare, subbammanangadi chutneypudi comes in the category 'something is better than nothing' in my opinion. i agree with u as regards children liking homemade chutney pudi, my son prefers my variety! i too make it myself tho proportions slightly vary from yours. i write this to say your photographs are very very good and sharp. makes the mouth water just looking at them. thanks

    1. Thanks champa, Any chutney pudi we make alter always has to start with Subbammanangadi as I feel is the basic source :)).., thanks for telling my photos are nice.., I don't have a camera I just use my mobile to click photos.. :))

  33. Can I use fresh grated coconut(maybe after frying it in oil) instead of dry coconut?


    1. Hi shobha,
      sorry for the very late reply, I have been inactive for the past month, I do not where you reside, do you get Dessicated coconut (dried coconut which you can find in Asian shops and also in super markets here in UK) you can use them, they don't get spoiled.
      The main reason for using dried copra is because it has a long shelf life.
      Well, as you said you can try using fresh coconut roasted may be without oil until it turns light red in colour, as you can't use fresh coconut in this recipe. But, I would suggest that you make it in a small quantity first and see how it stays otherwise Freezing the rest of the powder in a tightly packed box, and take out only small quantity for just a week.

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  35. The Chutney podi came out superb. Thanks for the recipe. The measurements are perfect. Please post more such podis and chutney varieties which will be useful for working people and those statying alone and doing self cooking. Best Wishes

  36. Thank you Anonymous, that you enjoyed the recipe and it is been useful to you.

  37. I came to this blog for this chutney pudi my favourite...thanks for the nice one, i made it today it came out so well. I will now visit ur blog every now and then...Thanks:-)

  38. Hi Kamala, thanks to you for sharing your view, Glad you liked the recipe, thanks for kind words too..

  39. Tried this recipe at home last month, wanted all my friends to try this, hence the late feedback. Personally i found this recipe to be AMAZING. And my boyfriend who's extremely picky with food LOVED it !! (even asked me to pack some for him) :D. Am preparing it again!
    Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful recipe Ms. Jayashri ! :) (Honestly better than subbamana angadi chutney pudi)

    1. Thank you cookies N Candles, for your appreciation, you made my day :), thanks for taking time to pen down few words very thoughtful of you.


Thank you taking time for visiting me and leaving your comments they mean a lot to me and much appreciated.., Hope you enjoyed your stay here.


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