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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Gluten Free and Eggless Neiman Marcus Cookies - copy cat

At last I have decided I am not going to sleep until I publish this post, which had to be on the 24th, the dead line for the Taste and create started by Min of the Bad girls kitchen I am back with those group of people with whom I enjoy this.., so this month I was paired up with  Bizzy Bakes, as she says - that she is a avid baker, She loves baking, she has a wonderful blog with loads of recipes and Muffin monday and come bake with bizzy.., hop on to her blog to find to more.....Coming to this recipe - This recipe is called Neiman Marcus Cookie - I had heard a similar story about an other recipe and this seems to end up just the way. Here is a little story from wikipedia..
Neiman Marcus - is a luxury specialty retail department store operated by the Neiman Marcus Group in the United States. The company is headquartered in the One Marcus Square building in Downtown DallasTexas,[1] and competes with other department stores such as Saks Fifth AvenueBarneys New YorkLord & TaylorNordstromVon Maur and Bloomingdale's. The Neiman Marcus Group also owns Bergdorf Goodman specialty retail department stores on Fifth Avenue in New York City and a direct marketing division, Neiman Marcus Direct, which operates catalogue and online operations under the Horchow, Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman names.
So then what is the story behind this departmental store...., 

The "Neiman Marcus $250 Cookie Recipe" story

The store is featured in an urban legend involving a supposed recipe for its popular chocolate chip cookie.[33] In the legend, a woman and her daughter enjoy a cookie while shopping at Neiman Marcus in Dallas, Texas, and ask for the recipe. The waiter informs her there will be a "two-fifty" charge, which the woman interprets as $2.50. Upon receiving her VISA statement, she is shocked to discover she has been charged $250.00 instead. In revenge, she photocopies the recipe and urges her friends to distribute it for free to everyone they know so that the store will make no further profit on its sale. Because the story typically was passed along as a photocopy, it falls in the legend subcategory of Xeroxlore. Later, with the advent of the Internet, it reemerged as an infamous chain e-mail, "Cookie revenge".
Well, don't know how true it is, they say that there were too many loop holes in this story.., Whatever it is My kids just loved these cookies and thanks to Bizzy Bakes for these lovely cookies..
I made a few little changes to suit my style of Baking, you got it right, I made it Eggless and changed a bit with flour, as I had no stock of Brown rice flour.


Recipe minimally adapted from Bizzy Bakes

1/2 cup Margarine/Butter (I used Butter)
1/2 cup Soft Brown sugar
1 tsp pure Vanilla extract
1/2 tsp Baking Soda
1/2 tsp Baking Powder
1/4 tsp salt
1 tsp Coffee powder
1/2 Cup Rice flour (white)
1/4 cup Tapioca flour
2 tbsp Potato Starch
150 gms Chocolate chips

Take the Dry ingredients the flours, BP. BS, coffee powder and  Salt, mix well sieve them together for at least three times, this ensures the flour is completely mixed well.
Cream Butter and sugar until light and fluffy then add the dry ingredients to the this and mix well make it into a nice dough add a tbsp of cold water at a time if required.
If using margarine be careful using water as margarine has lot of moisture content in them.
Refrigerate this dough for at least 1/2 an hour
Mine was not a very soft dough as hers so you could drop them on the sheet, but rather it was a dough where in I had to make small balls and press a little bit, (not too much ) as they spread while baking.
Take little balls and give a light press to them and place them in a baking sheet on a grease proof/baking parchment and bake them  in a 5 minutes pre-heated oven at 375 degree F/ Gas mark 5/ 190 degree Celicius for 8 to 10 minutes.

when you move the cookie if it releases easily that means it is done ( if a slight nudge will push the cookie on the sheet).

My verdict:
I was quite happy I chose this recipe.., My kids and friends loved it, they were a bit chewy but so yummy.., if you have a sweet tooth you will love it.
For the original recipe please check out her blog....

I am sending this to Vardhini's Bake fest and co-hosted by Anusha of Tomato blues
Chocolate Mela by srivalli

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At 07 February, 2012 03:42 , Blogger Reshmi Mahesh said...

Cookies looks delicious...Interesting story..

At 07 February, 2012 03:54 , Blogger Hema said...

This is new, using rice flour in cookies, looks very yummy..

At 07 February, 2012 10:54 , Blogger Raji said...

I have never added tapioca flour to cookies, but these look awesome !

At 07 February, 2012 14:05 , Blogger Sumi said...

you have done a great job there! delicious cookies

At 07 February, 2012 14:42 , Blogger Aarthi said...

This sounds YUMMY..Bookmarked..


At 07 February, 2012 14:59 , Blogger Anu said...

Looks yum and nice clicks.

At 07 February, 2012 21:39 , Blogger Priya Yallapantula said...

wow, they have come out so well :)

At 07 February, 2012 23:48 , Blogger Yat Maria said...


Wonderful cookies dear! I wouldn't mind trying out the recipe. My kids wld love it!

At 08 February, 2012 00:55 , Anonymous Shumaila said...

I have been around Bizzy B's site and had bookmarked her Neiman Marcus Cookie recipe. Who knows what the true story is but after reading your post I would really like to try these out. Like your eggless gluten free version.

At 08 February, 2012 05:45 , Blogger Rekha shoban said...

crunchy cookies...nice click!

At 08 February, 2012 10:26 , Anonymous michael said...

always great to find healthy cookies. Have to give this recipe a try!

At 08 February, 2012 18:37 , Anonymous Sukanya said...

thanks for introducing us to this new version of cookies, and tapoica flour, never used, but I bet it will be tasty

At 08 February, 2012 22:40 , Anonymous Katherine Martinelli said...

Yum! Good for you for recreating these! They look absolutely amazing.

At 09 February, 2012 04:13 , Blogger RAKS KITCHEN said...

Wonderful recipe and clicks are awesome Jayasri! :)

At 10 February, 2012 16:55 , Blogger Uma said...

Great clicks...addition of ingredients sounds good and unique.Entirely new to me and I'm bookmarking this.

At 17 February, 2012 03:32 , Blogger Vardhini said...

Gorgeous cookies and nice clicks. Thx for linking to the event.

Event: Sweet Luv
Event: Strawberries

At 17 February, 2012 04:24 , Blogger Sumee said...

loved that story.. delicious looking cookies!!

At 17 February, 2012 11:36 , Anonymous Anjali Shukla said...

Gluten free cooking always attracts me because one of my brothers had Coeliac Disease and he can't have gluten based foods. This is simply divine and just so healthy! I haven't tried anything with tapioca flour till date but now I surely need to do so. :)

Thanks for linking to 'Cakes, Cookies and Desserts'.

At 24 February, 2012 02:33 , Blogger Rasi said...

This is my first time here! Came through Taste & create.. a very diff one & one the presentation..mine dish is due for tomo :)

At 08 March, 2012 05:33 , Blogger Rosh said...

Awesome presentation!! Looks gr8!

Do contribute some of your wonderful recipes to my ongoing event. Would be delighted :)

Chef Al dente On going event: Gimme GREEN!


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