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Pasta, Pizza and Noodles Event - Round-up

Hi everybody, thank you for all your entries for this lovely ‘’Only Event’’ by Pari of Food delicious, I had wonderful and colourful  entries for this event,  some have out done with their creations, A Huge thank you to all my lovely girls who sent me this lovely entries and a big hug to you all.  I am very delighted you all participated, and thanks for few of them who were kind enough to link some of their recipes to this event when I left a comment in their blog J.

1.Suvida of Suvidhas kitchen, sent me this entry with lot of veggies to tempt anybody’s taste buds
2. Khushi from A Girl’s Diary, sent me this creamy pasta, that’s just like my kids would love.
3. Raksha Kamat of Raksha’s Kitchen, A very Desi touch to a Italian cuisine, which I should try some time
Recipe Name: Desi Pasta 
4. Raksha Kamat of Raksha’s Kitchen, also sent a quick pizza, Any time pizza time
5.PJ of Seduceurtastebuds, A perfect Italian cuisine, which we all love
6. Sravani of Srav’s Culinary Concepts, Have a look at this, kids will love this, with a honey comb design!
7. Siri P.of Cookingwith siri, A definite peak into her kitchen which you all should definitely should do as you would know something about olive oil and a wonderful simple recipe, you wouldn’t say no J
Recipe Name: Spaghetti Aglio Olio
8.Chandrani Banerjee, this is what we wouldn’t say no if you like your spices!
Recipe Name: Chilli Garlic Noodles

9.Vidya vardan of share the treasure, A quick simple twist from the long process of Pizza 
Recipe Name Breadizza
10. Prathibha Garre of The Chef and Her Kitchen,  Yup this is what I do almost every week!,  I could have had her plate this week, with lot of veggies, A  one pot meal.
11.Shilpa Dubey of Yummilicious food tummy, I never thought of making it this way, check out...
Recipe Name: Easy Pan Pizza
12. Nupur Mehra of UK- Rasoi, A quick and simple one, which nobody would mind right ?
Recipe: Tortilla Pizza
12. Nupur Mehra of UK- Rasoi, what else you want tomato and chilli pesto Mmm..., delicious
13. Nupur Mehra of UK-Rasoi, love ricotta and spinach what else do you want - A healthy irony touch!
14. Krithika Karthikeyan of Kriti’s Kitchen, Never tried this Rotella pasta, look at it what a beautiful shape and if you are like my kid you would love it with eggplant and Red pepper
15. Krithika Karthikeyan of Krithika’s Kitchen, must be tasting great with Roasted garlic and home made Marinara
16. Krithika Karthikeyan of Krithika’s Kitchen, here is the last one with the great sauce, that everybody likes!
17. Anu Shoj of Anuzhealthykitchen, Here is the one made from scratch, I made one and I know how it feels when you are making your own from scratch, check out.... what a colour and I need to try this too..
18. Anu Shoj of Anuzhealthykitchen, she got very carried away, now I have to make this too J, as it has Chocolate and Strawberry, what else do you want J J
Recipe Name: Eggless chocolate pasta with strawberry cream cheese and chocolate syrupJ

19. Anu Shoj of Anuzhealthykitchen, look at that lovely shapes!!
20.Anu Shoj of Anuzhealthykitchen, this is what I love, my favourite veggies, look at that so colourful and enchanting...
21. Denny  D Nathan, of Ohtastensee , seems to going better and better, sun dried and almond!, that’s something I haven’t given a thought !
22. Denny D.Nathan, of ohtastensee, look at that so beautiful, that is a must try, a very healthy one with sunflower seeds, this is on my Book Marked recipes as well J
Recipe Name: Pepita Pesto Pasta
23. Reva Madan of Kaarasaaram, I always loved her clicks, and of course the pasta she sent to, as one of my favourite veggie is Capsicum ( Peppers), the click has a rustic look ( the minute I saw I thought of all these chefs who come on TV - Jamie oliver/River bites etc..,, who cook in natures best place, out in the open air, on stones and in the midst of a forest or some lovely farm with Nature's reserves and the last shot would have been like this one right ? 
24. Vardhini Koushik of Vardhiniskitchen , an other eggplant with basil !!,  try it out!
25. Akhila from akilaskitchen, has completely given a new look to the Italian cuisine !!!!
Recipe Name: Pasta kheer
26. Indrani of Recipe Junction, sent me one, two, three well no four Cheeses and baked veggies, My kids would be over the moon!
27. Pari of Food delicious, sent me this healthy fusilli with two different sauces, as always she goes deep into  her creations.
28. Pari of Food delicious sent me this cheesy yummy macaroni pasta, approved and stamped by her son, don’t we all go and stretch ourselves too much to please our kids and try our best to make them eat healthy food, so every food needs to be Tasted, approved by our kind hearted little Judges! and then blogged
Recipe Name: Restaurant style Cheese Macaroni  J
Last by me, don't wonder if I made only one pasta dish for the whole month, life has been too good for me these days, By the time with everyday chores and by the end of the day, I always end of very tired, with health is on a roller coaster ride sometimes, I sometimes wonder what's happening, sometimes blogging takes a back stage and other things take priorities, totally my posting anything on the blog goes on as defintely one tomorrow to come some day.... so from tuesday the tomorrow ended to Saturday!.
Thanks to Pari who gave me this lovely opportunity to guest host her event and I like to appreciate the will power of that lady,  who has been very very busy, but still does stick to her commitments been very patient to me in her busy time she wrote to me about what I have done with my round up! :) (unlike me) is waiting for me to post my round-up so she can announce the winner of this event.
And a very many thanks to all  my participants, meeting new friends along the way, and  my best of luck to all of you, as pari will be announcing who has one the event giveaway.
Cheers and thanks, take care


  1. wonderful roundup ... will be bookmarking and try some .....

  2. Lovely roundup .. lots of pasta dishes to try.

    Event: Herbs and Flowers - Garlic

  3. Hey lovely lady. Thanks for the round up. What lovely creations, I'm amazed looking at the creativity. Hope you are feeling better now. Will go and announce the winner.



  4. Lovely round up. Some amazing dishes with lots of creativity!! Would love to try them. Thanks again for posting the link and for making me the winner of the giveaway too.


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