Sunday, 31 July 2011

Only Pasta, Pizza and Noodles Event Announcement

Hi Everybody, hope you are all doing well, I hope to keep blogging on a regular basis from now on :), and here I come with end of the month with this wonderful event of Pari of Foodelicious - A series of Only Event.

Pari of Foodelicious gave me this lovely opportunity to host her Only series event and  I love to sincerely thank her for this.  Of course you all know Pari, with her lovely curries which I like the best and her creativity and her cooking style, I have a few of her Book marked recipes some tried out and some still need to try out. Coming to talk about the on going event in her blog  has a lovely theme as -  ‘’Only’’  interested me the most, this made me contact her, I just decided whatever she assigns me would be fine, Surprise, surprise and it was Pasta, Pizza and Noodles, Wow, that was my first expression, how did she know that my kids love all the three!, So, that’s it, I was fine with it and here we are with the ONLY PASTA, PIZZA AND NOODLES EVENT.
I would love to see all the different kind of sauces, creations of cusines and cultures which would be a great help for me try out new dishes for the above three which I would love to try out from your kitchen to mine, as my kids love all the three Goodies.

There is something else for you,  which you would certainly love guess what ?. Again this month Pari has announced a giveaway from Tarla Dalal, exactly you heard me right ? not just one giveaway but two books :)
She is giving away two books from the wonderful author : 
1. Noodles 
2. Pizzas and Pasta

Rules for giveaway

For winning the giveaway the participants after sending the entry to me have to leave the link of the entry in Pari's event announcement page and have to clearly inform Pari how they are eligible for it as
1.  You need to follow her blog publicly and
2. You have to be a fan on the face book page in her blog.
The winner has to provide Pari with the address at so that she can make arrangements for the giveaway delivered to your door-step!. 

Rules of The Event
 1. Any number of fresh entries can be sent but only 2 enties from the archive will be accepted. Archived entries to be reposted, else will not be accepted.
2. Only vegetarian dishes accepted (eggs allowed).
3. Use of logo is mandatory as it helps spread the word.
4. The entry should be linked back to her event announcement page and Pari's 'Only'- Pizza, pasta and noodles giveaway page.
5. The winner of the book from Tarla Dalal will be chosen by Pari by random. org at the end of the event from the links left in her event announcement page.
6. Format of entry
Blog's name
Blog  URL
Recipe name
Recipe link
Pic  resized to 300pixel
(this is an important field to be filled as it will be easy for us to know whether he/she is from India or abroad, hence applicable for the giveaway)
7. I will post the round up within 7 days of event completion unless there's an emergency.
8. I cannot win the giveaway as I'm guest hosting it.
9. Non bloggers can also participate, in that case they can send entries to me and I can post them on their behalf.
Please send in your entries to by the 31st of August 2011 with the subject Only Pasta, Pizza and Noodles
Any queries please do drop me a line, will talk to pari and sort it out for you..
Happy Making/Baking of Pasta-Pizza and Noodles...


  1. wonderful event. following you :)

  2. wonderful the theme....will send you a recipe soon...

    Happy to follow you....

    chk out my event for this month too when time permits....

  3. Lovely Event. Sent an entry!!

  4. Pizza, Pasta, Noodles all together. Tempting Event ..
    Sent an Entry .. following u now :)


  5. lovely event..have sent you one entry....
    A Girl's Diary

  6. Just sent another entry :)

  7. Mailed you my entry and also left a msg @ pari's blog.

  8. Hello Dear...I have reposted my entry for this event and left a comment in "foodelicious" and sending this recipe to you right away!

  9. Sent another recipe and left a link at Pari's space.
    Sending this recipe to you now!

  10. sending my fresh entry for this event....

  11. A great event.. All the best for hosting it :) I have mailed you an entry..
    here its is..

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. hey do check my first event


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