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Monday, 2 May 2011

Guest Hosting Tried and Tested event - Passionate About Baking

Hi everybody,  First of all I would like to apologise to Lakshmi for announcing this event so late, I did not really do it on purpose, as I had no access to net connection I was not able to post this  announcement, Lakshmi please do forgive me.
After a long interval I am back, actually not really back, I might start blogging regularly may be after 2 weeks , I am in India, and very busy with family and friends and a small function and most importantly no net connection, I had almost forgotten how a comp looks like!, I was lucky today I am in my sis's house and luckily BIL is at home :), making use of this opportunity I am posting this event, which was already typed and ready to go, I was just waiting for the logo and April 20th, which is long bygone with no net connection, My sincere apologies to lakshmi and next host of this event, for the delay in posting this wonderful event!.
I know I will be  missing T and T of Chef and her Kitchen announced by Sushma of Savi-ruchi, I love her blog, as she cooks more like me and had Book marked somethings I wanted to try which I have to wait until I am back :(, no net, no new recipes, I feel so bad!.
Coming back I am so delighted to Host this event, which is one of my favourite events, this event was started by zlamushka and is now taken care of by Lakshmi of Kitchen Chronicles, I don't have to introduce you to Deeba's Passionate about Baking blog, she is so creative, beautiful photos, drool worthy recipes, lot of original creations, lot of recipes you can find from scratch and of course if you love baking here is a wonderful space you can just love to try with no regrets,  I love her blog and hope that you all love her blog too...,

So let's start trying out some recipe (s) from her blog....

Deeba's - PASSIONATE ABOUT BAKING - May 2nd - May 31st

As always little rules to follow:
nothing much...
Please remember this is a vegetarian blog and eggs are allowed
Do link the Tried and Tested event to zlamushka's blog, and then to Kitchen Chronicles as they both needed to be acknowledged for this beautiful event.
If you have already tried any recipes from her blog, no need to re-post just link this event page to that post, and mail me.
Please stick as much as possible to the original recipe.
Non- bloggers are welcome too, they can send me a mail and a picture of what you have made.
Please send me your entries to with T and T- May 2011 as subject.
Send me your name, URL link of your recipe and a photo of your dish
Please send in your entries from May 2nd - May 31st ( I will posting the round-up by first week of June.
Oops I had almost forgotten :),
My lovely Non-bloggers can also participate in this event, Just write to me with your recipe and a click of the dish and I will be glad to share it with all my other entries.....

A very special thanks to Ksenia, who has been kind enough to make this logo for this lovely event
Please do include the logo in your creations from Deeba's blogging world if possible :)). Many thanks.

A small change in the logo it is May '11, Looking forward to seeing your creations from her's to mine.
If you have any doubts, please mail me, and if I have missed out anything do please write to me, I might me be a little late in responding to you as again because of net connections.

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At 02 May, 2011 21:07 , Blogger Priya (Yallapantula) Mitharwal said...

Happy hosting Jaya :)

At 03 May, 2011 04:11 , Blogger Preety said...

good luck for the event

At 03 May, 2011 04:36 , Blogger jayasree said...

Jayasri, I have been thinking of mailing you to check if you have come to India. Don't forget to drop me a mail if you are visiting Nigdi.

At 03 May, 2011 06:01 , Blogger Prathibha said...

happy hosting jaya..:)

At 03 May, 2011 07:42 , Blogger Jayasri Ravi said...

I am leaving today to my mom's house, so I might not get net connection again!, Thank you everybody for your encouragement priya and preeti, Jayasree thank you so much for the invitation, I would have definitely visited you if I was visiting poona, My sis and her family are in B'lore, the day before I came :), so sad I won't be coming there :(, but surely next time I will be coming

At 24 May, 2011 10:18 , Blogger lata raja said...

Will try and send mine Jayasri. Happy hosting!

At 25 May, 2011 04:22 , Blogger Deeba PAB said...

Dear Jayasri,
I am touch, humbled and honoured to be included in your tried and tested event. Thank you for giving me the honour. Cheers, Deeba

At 26 May, 2011 01:30 , Blogger Torviewtoronto said...

happy hosting

At 27 May, 2011 17:20 , Anonymous Sanjeeta kk said...

Happy hosting and best wishes!

At 01 June, 2011 19:50 , Blogger Lisa said...

Hi Jayasri;

I can't seem to find an email address to contact you, so I am leaving a comment regarding theft of our material. I have had this happen in the past and what I have done is left a comment telling the person they do not have permission to use my content and that I would file a DMCA complaint and report their site to google if they do not remove my images and recipes. It helps if you tell them you have their information - whois lookup. Let us hope we can get this shut down soon. All our efforts and buffoons such as this just lift our work!

At 08 June, 2011 09:46 , Anonymous Binitha said...

missed this event. hope you had fun hosting have a lovely space

do visit my space when time permits.
happy following you



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