Monday, 3 May 2010

Strawberries with Almond Sauce

We both did a window shopping around the city centre and came back home quite tired, we had a subway sandwich then had a pack of crisps and went around the shops thought we will go to the station and we would be home soon, she had and kept telling what I need to cook today, but when we came to station we came to know that we need to wait almost an hour and half  in te cold weather !!, so by the time we were back home it was nearly half seven, so we sorted somethings out in the house and thought of cooking something up soon, I then remembered this recipe which I wanted to try out from this blog, PJ of Ginger and Garlic has lovely recipes which would be very interesting to my kids, so I was showing my daughter if she would like this than what she had already asked for, so we sat down to check out the recipe, she was really not very interested with eating Tofu today, so we were checking out more recipes from this chef Mr. Mark Bittman, well I really didn't know who it was and I came to know about him through PJ, so I started googling and I stumbled on this blog called I Heart cooking club, I really was so interested to participate in the event, so I had think fast what I could muster up, this was all daughter's idea and she was with me and helped in doing this too..., It was really tasty, but I did tweak them a little, I should say Mark Bittman talks very well, and as he says you can do it your way, if you know the ingredients, lick and see if that is how you want!!, then that's just fine so here is my recipe and of course I did a back up check with the procedures with Joy of cooking.., just to make sure I wouldn' t make anything wrong, like cross checking.. as in the video of Mark Bittman doesn't give you exact measurments.


Strawberries as you wish
1/2 cup Cream ( I used full creme)
1/2 cup milk
1 and 1/2 tsp Custard Powder
2 Egg yolks
1/4 cup sugar
10 Almonds
1/2 tsp Almond essence

Take a pan and toast almonds slightly and keep aside.
Take a bowl put the toasted almonds and pour in the cream, milk and sugar and keep stirring and when it starts heating up add custard powder and the yolks and keep on stirring until it thickens, do not boil and if you allow it boil as the yolks are in their they might get curdled up, as both Mark and Joy of cooking say it might curdle up and if it does Joy of cooking says put it in the processor and it would become alright.
But I was, should I say both us worked together and it didn't curdle up and my daughter reminded me as Mark says turn your spoon around and pull a straight line on it, to check the right consistency of the Almond sauce it will not waver!! ahem!!, mum it is perfect said my little sweet heart and here my Almond sauce was ready.
Take a bowl and strainer and strain the sauce and take the Crushed almonds out and set aside, put this Cre'me anglaise into the refrigerator for the sauce to cool
Cut the strawberry and then pour the Almond Sauce over it and sprinkle crushed almonds to decorate and serve it chilled.
Hope you enjoyed as we did, check out a precise recipe for the above sauce in Mark's/Joy of cooking or by Googling with some of wonderful bloggers who would have tried it out !!.
I would also send this to Thanda Mela event and cooking with kids both hosted by Srivalli.

Here are some more pics of my strawberry almond sauce.

how do you like it ?? .............

Thank you and c u soon......


  1. Yummy yummy desert,loved it.Click is too good.

  2. yummy and delicious combination.. nice one!!

  3. Thats a catchy and tempting dessert, kids will definitely love this...beautiful presentation..

  4. Nice dessert for summer :)

  5. I am stuck here in Summer with no sight of strawberries and you are tempting me that wonderful dessert....Nice click..

  6. What a delicious treat! That almond sauce looks fantastic.

  7. Hi chitchat, so my kids said that it was yummy!!(I did not eat it!)., My critics are my family, if they approve I post it or I won't, and for the clicks, most of photos are taken by my girls!! I will tell them.
    Hi Hchandana, I think it really was a good combo, My kids just loved it, they were licking it!!
    Hi thanks priya, all that credit to my girls
    Hi thanks meeso, nice to see you here again, your comments mean something to me, you were the one who brought back my blog to work again well.
    Really PJ, O I am sorry, Here the super markets still sell them and the prices are affordable too!!
    Joanne, It's nice to meet you, you have a lovely blog, and appreciate your comments, nothing to beat your flan.
    Dear friends check out Joanne's blog for some lovely recipes and events which goes on in her blog!!


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