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Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Mango Milk Shake/Mavina Hannina Seekarne/Mango Smoothie

This was what my mom used to make during the season of Mangoes!!, well, now of course it is the season of Mangoes!!, Summer time Mango, Karbooze (water-melon) time, it is such a refreshing drink, right from the fridge, when yu serve it chilled when the sun is scorching it is absolutely a bliss, In Banglore, there are a lot of Fresh fruit shops which have a good business during summer, and here they sell it as Mango milk shake with Ice cubes and it feels so good!!, I think I am going on and on about this, writing about this I think I am walking down my memory lane !? or in the streets of Banglore!!, Oh! God! whatever it is let me come back to the recipe and I need to tell you why I made this!!
I joined this club of book lovers called ''This book makes me cook'' who read a book every month and cook something from the book!!, I wanted to join this club and I had this thought from a long time, but never got a chance to write to them, last month I decided I was going to join them just for the love to read books, It was quite a hard way to start off with as I could not get hold the copy of that book so they helped me with it and I had a hard time as reading the soft copy was quite difficult, I was crying and laughing !!, My children thought mum is upset reading the book and that's the reason she is crying but then I had to tell them continuously reading for an hour or so everyday was bringing water in my eyes!! but the book was quite hilarious!!


Of course, as always I couldn't get a good click!!, coming back to the book, The book called 'Can you keep a secret' by Sophie Kinsella - what I thought was when I started reading it, I found it quite amuzing as she was scared of travelling on planes and how she blurted out everything she had kept in her mind to a complete stranger, without her knowledge thinking she was going to die!!, but later on when she realizes after they touch down, she feels embrassed about herself turns out that the person is her Big Boss, who falls in love with her, quitely turned into a M & B kind of book, but, it was not entirely,  much of the romance like the M & B's but as I always say the same old story, was not quite a impressive book for me.
I was little confused about how did they choose the cooking from the book I assumed that the eating they do is what we had to cook!!, As I had very little time left I thought this was the easiest I could make.
Emma Corrigan, the herion of the book everyday drinks Mango smoothie, says that is the healthiest drink everyday morning, well, actually what way the resturant prepared her Mango smoothie but I prepared it this way!! Here is my recipe, before that I would like to thank Simran and all the team members for welcoming me into the book club, I could not post it on the 4th as suddenly my husband decided that we would all visit my sister and my clicks were still in my camera and I hadn't downloaded it!!, sorry for the delay.....

1 Large Mango peeled
A pinch of Cardamom powder
1 cup of milk
2 to 3 tbsp of sugar as required

Take a Large Mango, peel out the skin and squeeze out the pulp discarding the seed (vaate), then mix all the ingredients together mentioned above beat them all together with the help of mixie or an electric whisk until they all combine together, Add sugar according, if the mango itself is sweet it does not need sugar other wise you can add sugar as you prefer.
Serve immediately or chilled.

I was introduced to this as Maavina Hannina seekarne when my neighbours who used to serve this with poli/obattu !! with the hot poli/ obattu served to your plate they used to pour this seekarne on top of it and we had to eat it !!, Try this out when you make poli next time and tell me how you liked it, I used to still love it with hot obbattus!!

I would like to thank Simran of the foodiezone who gave this opportunity to read this book and all the other books I am going to read because of her and all the other in the group, thanks to you all. check out her blog for what others have done!!

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At 06 April, 2010 01:46 , Blogger Sunshinemom said...

I make this often too. After all now is the best time to enjoy it! The kannada name is quite a tounge twister:)

At 06 April, 2010 03:45 , Anonymous Adele @ WillworkforBiltong said...

Hallo Jayasri. I am such a fan of mango and cardamom together! I'm always disappointed when my lassi doesn't have cardamom in it. Thanks for the recipe!

At 06 April, 2010 04:12 , Blogger Sarah Naveen said...

Simply delicious..

At 06 April, 2010 04:48 , Blogger Simran said...

Mango Smoothie is really the perfect pick from the book; I was hoping someone will make it.

Welcome to the club, and look forward to reading a lot more books with you.

At 06 April, 2010 04:50 , Blogger Ms.Chitchat said...

I enjoyed ur write-up as much as I loved ur mango milk shake. You should write more often.

At 06 April, 2010 06:14 , Blogger Aparna said...

Nice to have you join us, Jayasri. I wasn't very inspired by the book either but it was an ok read.

The summer is here and its so hot that the only positive thing about it are the MANGOES! :)
Love mango milkshake!

At 06 April, 2010 06:34 , Blogger Tina said...

Delicious smoothie...

At 06 April, 2010 08:44 , Blogger bhagyashri said...

You are tempting me so much with the Seekarne :) Welcome to the club!

At 06 April, 2010 10:24 , Blogger Priya said...

Lovely shake, makes me all time favourite...

At 06 April, 2010 10:40 , Blogger jayasri said...

Hi Harini, that was quick, just now I posted it!!, thanks to you for your lovely comments
Hi Adele, nice meeting you,thanks for the lovely words.
Sarah, Priya & Tina thanks for your encouragement, nothing compared to yours
Hi simran for this opportunity,I always loved reading books, these days I don't get time for anything,I thought this was the best decision I will take.thanks for welcoming me, looking forward to reading more books with the book club!!
Ms.chitchat, you must be joking, I keeping going to other people's blog and get amazed to see their write-ups, but love you dear, you made my day!!, I had a good laugh, Good for both my mind and body!!
Hi Aparna, love to see you in my blog and your comments most appreciated dear, check hers she has made something finger-licking!!
Bhagya, thanks to you for welcoming, and did see your shrot breads they look like shop bought ones!!

At 06 April, 2010 16:14 , Blogger Cool Lassi(e) said...

Looks awesome. I would have wanted all of it to myself had I been around.

At 07 April, 2010 14:14 , Blogger aquadaze said...

This was my first choice as well! Nothing better than mango smoothie to beat the heat.

Nice to have you in our book club :)


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